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The Peruvian driver told Las Estrellas the origin of the expression that has become a benchmark in pop culture

When we think of Laura Bozzo, perhaps we think of her television shows or her energetic personality. However, there is an iconic phrase that surely all of us come to mind when talking about the driver: “Let the unfortunate pass!”.

But this is more than just a phrase permeated in Mexican pop culture, as it has even spread to other countries in Latin America, Europe and even Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, where some Mexican tourists once shouted it at them.

In exclusive interview for The stars, the Peruvian driver revealed the origin of this emblematic phrase, which emerged in 1998. “It was born from a program that I had in Peru, where a young man had impregnated seven teenagers between the ages of 16 and 17. First a girl came out, then she came out the other and then the third came out. And I was so angry, I remember that I was so furious because my daughters were very young at the time, I thought of them and said: “Let the unfortunate pass!” and there it was “revealed.

Bozzo is aware of the impact this phrase has had in various nations, where ‘Miss Laura’ programs have reached millions of homes. “It stayed for eternal memory. I already registered it,” he says.

But not only with her funny phrases, in more than 25 years of career, Laura Bozzo has established herself as one of the most controversial characters on Spanish-speaking television, as her personality and the controversial themes portrayed in her talk shows, They have given a lot to talk about, and Bozzo knows it.

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In that sense, the also lawyer revealed how she deals with criticism. “There are constructive criticisms because I am a human being. From time to time I screw up, I am wrong. I am a human being, obviously, but if the criticism is constructive, I accept and change it, correct and apologize. I have no problem in ask for forgiveness, “he assured.

However, when the signs she receives are negative and are “the result of envy or wanting to do harm,” she says that she does not pay attention to them.

“Simply, I answer: ‘It takes two to fight’ and I am really in a stage of my life with such positive energy that I want to put all the years of experience I have to help all the people who are going through a situation right now very ***. ”

And, it is that, after four years away from the small screen, the presenter returns this Monday, June 29 with

‘Laura Sin Censura’,

his new TV show to air from Monday through Friday at 7pm on Unicable.

You can not lose this!


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