Let Eusebio Poncela spit in your face


The actor Eusebio Poncela.GTRES

Only with Kidnapping yes The law of desire Any acting career will already be great. Eusebio Poncela has, moreover, ogre operation, The golden (yes, I defend her) and some workshop 1 magnificent. He was also the best Pepe Carvalho, in the Adolfo Aristarain series of 1986.

Always out of the system but always present. I imagine production meetings in which someone proposes his name for a character (“He glared at him” he put in the script… and that someone thought of Poncela) and the others look at each other with a face of “are we ready?”. From the interviews he releases Lately it has been deduced that it is still a Superstar. It was probably from the moment you decided to be an actor. For some there are only these two options: Olympus or nothing. They have that kind of energy, mammals and reptiles.

I went to the theater a few weeks ago to see Poncela spider woman kiss and one says he’s not a mythomaniac until he sees that man up there and maybe yes, maybe one is a mythomaniac… if the myth is good. then the adventure of him in full pandemic, going out into the mountains and having to do it be saved because he fell and broke down a bit (he’s now 77). Piss with laughter: he imagines receiving an emergency call and meeting the legend in mountain gear. They want to be done forest firefighter in case it happens again and to be able to live with it.

When at the beginning of the year the FlixOl platform released a restored version of KidnappingCourses to see the masterpiece of Ivan Zulueta. A movie from when those movies were made. A film from when Eusebio Poncela was not yet a totem. Then comes the urban legend that He and Marisa Paredes were the same person. Of course, the light they emit is equivalent and both have that emaciated, powerful musculature that every artist dreams of. I missed seeing the diva play Bernarda Alba a few years ago, but I don’t lose hope that it will happen again.

I also imagine that Eusebio Poncela saw the playwright Paco Bezerra tell the Vox-ero the other day that “Santa Teresa would spit in his face” full of reason and knowledge. And that after he calls him offering himself to interpret the saint which, in effect, spits in his face.

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