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Less grace than pragmatism: prisoners released in Bremen

Just in time for Christmas, the judiciary in most federal states is milder and releases hundreds of prisoners early from prison – in Bremen six prisoners have already been released this year. A spokesman for the justice department emphasized that this was not a kind of “religious remission”, but rather pragmatism. “Only prisoners who are due to be released – either shortly before or after the festive season and the turn of the year – can benefit from the graces,” said Matthias Koch. So you will be fired before contact points, offers of help for reintegration and authorities are only partially available around Christmas and the turn of the year. The fact that those affected also have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas together with their relatives “is more of a nice side effect? ​​But not the real goal of grace.”

In all of Germany, the number of beneficiaries has fallen significantly compared to the previous year, as a survey by the German Press Agency has shown. The fact that fewer people are allowed out of custody earlier than in 2019 could be due to the effects of the corona pandemic: Many offenders have been suspended this year in order to make room in the prisons for quarantine measures. In Bremen, the average occupancy rate in November was 81.8 percent (587 prisoners), in November 2019 it was 88.7 percent (636 prisoners).

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