Leopards Down the Mountain, Goats belonging to Ciamis Residents are almost preyed on

Leopards Down the Mountain
Two goats that were almost eaten by the leopard. Photo: Edji / HR

Ciamis News, (harapanrakyat.com),- The leopard from the Mount Sawal area came back down and entered the settlement. The leopard almost preyed on two goats belonging to residents of Sindangjaya Hamlet, Ciakar Village, Cipaku District, Ciamis Regency.

Although the two goats did not fall prey to the leopard, the two goats had to be slaughtered.

Burhanudin, the owner of the goat, said that leopards from the Mount Sawal area entered residential areas and started acting up again. Both of his goats were almost devoured.

“Fortunately, when I heard a strange sound from around the goat pen, I immediately flashed a flashlight so that the leopard that wanted to eat the goat immediately fled back to its habitat,” said Burhanuddin, Tuesday (06/04/2021).

Burhanuddin explained, although they did not become prey, both of his goats had injuries to their necks. So that with great force, Burhanuddin had to slaughter his two goats.

“The loss is around Rp. 4 million, if the goat is sold. It happened around half past one in the evening, “he said.

Burhanuddin added that the leopard that came down the mountain was not only acting up in the area of ​​Sindangjaya Hamlet, Ciakar Village, but previously the leopard had preyed on the goats belonging to residents in Cikawung Gunung Hamlet, Sindangsari Village, Kawali District.

“Because there have been many incidents like this, I hope the officers from the BKSDA can intervene to get rid of the leopards, so they can feel at home again in their habitat,” he concluded. (Edji/R7/HR-Online)

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