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Leopard 2 tanks will go into service with the 14th mechanized brigade, – Commander Okhrimenko

According to Alexander Okhrimenko, the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine got acquainted with Western tanks during the Strong Europe Tank Challenge in Europe. Therefore, they will be able to master the machines.

The commander of the 14th separate mechanized brigade named after Prince Roman the Great, Alexander Okhrimenko, said that his fighters are familiar with the Leopard 2 tanks. informs Military Media Center.

During the European tank competition Strong Europe Tank Challenge, the tankers of the 14th brigade represented the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There, the military became the best tank platoon three times. Therefore, Okhrimenko expresses confidence that the fighters will be able to master the Leopards and Abrams.


Platoon of Ukrainian tanks Strong Europe Tank Challenge

“Leopard tanks in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, our separate mechanized brigade, will be one of the keys to the success of our victory,” Okhrimenko said.

He also added that the tankers of the princely brigade were the main striking force during the defense of the Kyiv region in February-March 2022, as well as the basis of the defense of Kyiv. The fighters were able to stop and then force the RF Armed Forces to retreat.

Deliveries of Leopard tanks from Western partners will allow Ukraine to significantly strengthen the advantage of the Defense Forces on the battlefield and return the occupied territories, including Crimea. Okhrimenko called the war civilizational.

Recall that the media wrote that APU will be able to set up logic for Western tanks Leopard, Abrams and Challenger.

January 27 in Denmark they said they would not join the tank coalition for Ukrainebecause there are too few of them in the country.

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