Leonardo DiCaprio is being dismantled by Twitter

Leonardo DiCaprio is making headlines again with his love life. Foto: Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock.com

Leonardo DiCaprio is well below his infamous age limit. He is currently said to be dating a 19-year-old model. On Twitter, many users make fun of the age difference. Others, on the other hand, no longer want to let the Hollywood star get away with his “disgusting dating behavior”.

Leonardo DiCaprio (48) has attracted ridicule from the Twitter community with his latest flirtation. The actor was spotted with Eden Polani. The Israeli model is just 19 years old. They were photographed at a party by singer and model Ebony Riley, who at the age of 32 probably no longer fits into the Oscar winner’s prey scheme.

DiCaprio’s penchant for models under the age of 25, which he dumps after reaching the age threshold, isn’t just a running gag on social media. His last romance with Victoria Lamas (23) seems to be over again, although it would still have two years. His rumored affair with Gigi Hadid ended after a short time. After all, the supermodel is already 27.

“Scary pattern”: criticism and ridicule on Twitter

Twitter is heating up over Leonardo DiCaprio’s literal recent dating coup. Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan (39) did not describe DiCaprio’s relationship history and his flirtation with Eden Polani as a “crime” (after all, both are of legal age), but as “scary pattern”.

Other Twitter users outdo each other with comparisons, which are all older than DiCaprio’s newcomer. “‘Titanic’ is older than his new girlfriend,” wrote one user, referring to DiCaprio’s breakthrough 1997 film. Others pointed out that his ‘Titanic’ partner Kate Winslet, 47, was three years older than his current one when he was filmed Flirt.

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Other users do not get over the fact that Eden Polani had to pause her high school education due to Corona. “Leonardo DiCaprio only cares about climate change because he wants to leave his friends a better world,” jokes another Twitter user.

“Absurdly disgusting dating behavior”

Some Twitterers took a less humorous approach. A “Fucking Predator” describes a user DiCaprio, a “damn predator”. A German-speaking user compared his “absurdly disgusting dating behavior” to the age range of the main characters of “The Last of Us”. Pedro Pascal is 47, his colleague Bella Ramsey 19. And they are not lovers in the series, but a kind of surrogate father-daughter relationship.

“I think we should take the ‘Leonardo DiCaprio dating young women’ meme a little more seriously,” writes a user. “I have the feeling that the whole thing is still being played down a lot, maybe because he has such a good reputation? But it’s fucking scary”.

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