Leonardo Bonucci apologizes for his red with Italy against Spain in the League of Nations

It is impossible to say if Italy could have won against Spain on Wednesday night and thus continue its invincibility series of 37 matches without the red card received by Leonardo Bonucci just before the break (41st). La Nazionale were already down 1-0 in this first semifinal of the League of Nations but they remained very dangerous. On the other hand, this exclusion surely confirmed his hopes of returning to the match and it was finally bowed (1-2).

Already warned in the 31st for dispute, the Juventus player received a second yellow for a nudge during an aerial duel with Sergio Busquets. The captain left the San Siro lawn with tears in his eyes and apologized to the Italian supporters this Thursday morning by posting a message on social networks.

« I am more angry than you, and first of all with myself. I am sorry and I beg your pardon. But Italy will rise again and it will be stronger than ever », He promised. The European champions will play the small final of the tournament Sunday in Turin against the loser of the confrontation between Belgium and France.



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