Leo/Daniel to the Final After Defeating The Daddies


Leo Rolly Carnando/Daniel Martin qualified for the final of the Singapore Open 2022. They beat their seniors, Hendra Setiawan/Mohammad Ahsan, 9-21, 21-18, and 22-20.

In the match at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Saturday (16/7/2022) afternoon WIB, Hendra/Ahsan were able to take the lead over Leo/Daniel at the beginning of the first game. The Daddies can lead away 7-2.

The first interval runs briefly for three minutes. Hendra / Ahsan are far ahead with a score of 11-4.



The placement of the shuttlecock made by Hendra was difficult for Leo/Daniel to anticipate. The score becomes 14-6.

Hendra/Ahsan didn’t have to sweat a lot in the first game. They won over Leo/Daniel with a score of 21-9 in just eight minutes. Leo’s strike that stretched out of the field became the decisive factor for Hendra/Ahsan’s victory in the first game.

The second game’s battles were even tighter. Leo/Daniel were able to excel early in the game with a score of 6-3. Hendra’s drop shot was very measurable, able to produce points up to 4-6.

Hendra/Ahsan able to equalize when the score 7-7. The score was tight until the second game interval, Hendra / Ahsan edged 11-10.

After wiping the sweat, Leo/Daniel won points to equalize the score. Ahsan’s hard blow again resulted in points, The Daddies winning 12-11.

The referee miscalculated the score. At that time the position was 18-17 for Hendra / Ahsan’s advantage. Previously, Leo/Daniel did a challenge while serving. The score was determined by the referee to be 18-17 for Hendra / Ahsan’s advantage.

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In the remainder of the second game, Leo/Daniel were able to reap consecutive points. They ended up winning 21-18. Hendra hit the net until Leo/Daniel won.

Hendra/Ahsan got stuck at the beginning of the deciding game. They trailed 6-11 at the interval of the third game.

After wiping the sweat, Hendra/Ahsan won consecutive points. They cut the karak to 9-11.

A fierce battle took place on the 11th point Hendra / Ahsan. After scoring, Ahsan had to receive treatment due to a problem with his calf. Leo/Daniel are still leading 13-11.

Hendra / Ahsan were able to equalize the score at 14-14. Hendra’s strike in front of the net became the equalizer.

A tight score occurred until the position was 20-20, Hendra/Ahsan vs Leo/Daniel continued the setting. Leo/Daniel finally won 22-20 over their seniors.

The other men’s doubles semifinal also featured a fellow Indonesian final. Patience Karyaman Gutama/Mohammad Reza Pahlevi Isfahani vs Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto who served as the presentation. Indonesia has confirmed one title from the Singapore Open 2022 from the men’s doubles number.

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