Lentils will cease to be produced in the Czech Republic after 113 years, and the recipe will change

Lentils have been produced in Holešov in eastern Moravia since 1907. From spring, the local plant will end with them and they will prepare their favorite sweet in Hamburg, Germany.

The portal pointed this out irozhlas.cz. In addition, Nestlé will simplify their recipe with the British Smarties, which appeared on the market only 30 years later than the Czech Lentils. The change will take place in the spring of next year.

“This means that there will be less sugar and more chocolate in Lentilky, which was based on consumer tests,” Vratislav Janda, the company’s director of corporate affairs, told the website.

In addition to the recipe, the packaging will also change, which will be pure paper. It is said that it is so technologically demanding that they can only handle it in the German branch. “We don’t have them in the Czech Republic and they are in Hamburg again,” Janda explained.

Lentils have been produced since the last century by the Sfinx company, which has been part of the Nestlé Group since the 1990s. With the mentioned Smarties, it has had the same packaging for several years, but both confectionery will have the same taste for the first time.


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