Health Lenferink sees alternative October 3 as an opportunity for...

Lenferink sees alternative October 3 as an opportunity for structural change NOW


Mayor Henri Lenferink of Leiden sees the alternative celebration of the Relief of Leiden on October 3 this year as an opportunity to structurally reduce the crowds in the city center during the party.

The Relief of Leiden is celebrated differently this year as a result of the corona measures. The events and festivities are more spread across the city. According to Lenferink, this offers opportunities to structurally change the celebration of the Relief of Leiden.

“Of course we always celebrate October 3rd. But in recent years I became increasingly restless from the big crowds in the city center,” says the mayor. That is why a report has been prepared with recommendations not to make the city unmanageable. “That report certainly plays a role this year, but is especially relevant for next year and the years afterwards,” said Lenferink.

However, a celebration that is spread all over the city is not the ideal Lenferink has in mind when the corona crisis is over. “You should not do the Reveille and the Koraalzang in 25 different places, then the fun is a bit off. There are certainly opportunities to do activities outside the city center, but not everything. Then you will feel the character of the party On.”


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