Lel poured footage from the party at Mikhailov’s Network

New Year’s Eve Stas Mikhailov gathered his friends in a close circle, it turned out a sincere party for his own. Katya Lel, who was among the invitees, showed on her blog how her starry environment rests.

The Mikhailovs’ festive table delighted the eye with its decoration: it was decorated with fresh flowers, crystal candelabra and lit candles, bright multi-colored fruits completed the picture.

At some point, Stas’s mother Lyudmila Mikhailova was in the spotlight. Bedros Kirkorov invited his relatives – son Philip and sister Marie – to sing for her the song “Mom”.

“All the great artists sang this song and dedicated it to their mothers,” he said.

Brother and sister enchanted the guests with their singing. The king of the Russian stage, apparently not quite knowing the words, supported as best he could – he sang in several places.

Recall, on the eve of Marie Kirkorova transformed in the program “Fashionable sentence”. In the finale of the show, a former opera singer came out as a real star. True, at the Mikhailovs New Year’s party, for some reason, she again appeared in her usual form.

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