Leibstadt nuclear power plant is started up again

Several media reported on the restart process in the Leibstadt nuclear power plant. The reason for the shutdown was a technical fault in the non-nuclear part of the plant. The operators did not provide any information about the causes of the malfunction in the notification on the website. The details would be clarified, it was said on Saturday.

The Swiss Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI), which oversees nuclear power plants in Switzerland, said that the protection of people and the environment was guaranteed at all times. The reactor was turned off automatically, it was a so-called quick shutdown.

Two quick shutdowns in spring

In April and May 2019 there were already two reactor shutdowns in the Leibstadt nuclear power plant. Both had the same cause. According to the supervisory authority, faulty behavior of a transducer led to incorrect measured values ​​in one channel of the live steam pressure measurement.

These triggered a quick closing of the turbine inlet valves. The system responded with a quick shutdown. After the second incident, the Leibstadt nuclear power plant replaced the entire converter.

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