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LEGO Launches Seven New Mini Creations through Pick a Brick Builds

Remember, LEGO recently launched a few mini-constructions accessible via the Pick a Brick Builds online service and we have to believe that the initiative has since largely found its audience since the manufacturer is now putting the cover back with seven new mini creations which will soon be available via the same channel.

To put it simply, each of these mini models can be ordered directly via the Pick a Brick service, the interface of which provides direct access to the list of parts forming the inventory of these creations. All that remains is to order the proposed parts to obtain the complete inventory of the selected product.

The instructions for each model are also available for download in PDF format and provided free of charge in the form of digital sheets grouping the steps on a minimum of pages and therefore identical to those present in the brand’s polybags.

It is not yet known when these new constructions will be available, LEGO is content to indicate that each model will first be adapted to the quality constraints of the brand. The detailed list of selected creations can be found at this address.

The seven models of the first wave are still available for sale at this address:


2023-09-05 21:23:38
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