LEGO flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City opens with Brick Lab [Update]

The LEGO Flagship Store Fifth Avenue in New York City is reinventing the LEGO Shop: The LEGO House is getting a “small” offshoot in Manhattan!

Update am 25. Juni: LEGO now has the musical too Always Building online flanking the opening of the new LEGO flagship store Fifth Avenue. Musical performers are first out and about in Manhattan, accompanied by many well-known LEGO minifigures, before they pay a visit to the new LEGO store. Very edifying!

Article of June 24th: The LEGO Store Fifth Avenue opens its doors in New York City today! So far there have been two LEGO stores in Manhattan: the previous one in Rockefeller Center and in the Flatiron District. I’ve visited both stores several times and it’s always been a rocky adventure. The new Store on 5th Avenue over two floors however, receives the predicate Flagship Store and is the first store with a new concept that LEGO is promoting with “a completely new shopping experience”.

New design

New design

It is noticeable that the new white interior design is used, similar to the new LEGO store in Stuttgart. But the new store in Manhattan is a real experience: In addition to numerous Large sculptures and buildings, such as the taxi, the Empire State Building or the illuminated banners of Times Square, there is one novel LEGO Brick Lab. All of this is actually very reminiscent of the LEGO House in Billund – in other words, the bricks are deliberately handled here. And the Tree of Discovery is clearly based on the Tree of Creativity. Of course they are also allowed to Mosaic Maker, the Minifigure Factory and a Personalization Studio and Pick-a-Brick wall not missing and all the LEGO novelties can be admired from close up and no longer behind glass. There is even a LEGO Store musical at the opening, even before the curtains open again on Broadway in September. It can be viewed on site. LEGO obviously has big plans in NYC! The address of the new store: LEGO Store Fifth Ave., 636 5th Ave (@51st Street), New York, NY 10020

I received a warm invitation to the opening, which of course I had to refuse given the current situation. But like all of us, I long for the end of the pandemic to visit this grandiose LEGO flagship store and report from there! The following are many impressions that were kindly made available to us. Thank you very much!

Impressions from the LEGO Store

Tree of Discovery

The The heart of the new LEGO store is the Tree of Discovery. The motto here is: Aim high, and feel, expressly desired.

Tree of Discovery


Stay Puft Marshmallow Man und Slimer are fantastic! The Ghostbusters Headquarters is huge here, but not entirely made of stones. So be it: is this a wink with the fence post? Is the franchise coming back to life in rocky form? Or is the focus here “only” on the reference to Manhattan?

NYC is haunted again!

LEGO Brick Lab

The LEGO Brick Lab is a completely new concept and can be found for the first time in the new LEGO store in Manhattan. But this is just the beginning: More LEGO stores worldwide are to follow. Further information can be found on the official website.

The LEGO Store on Fifth is the first location in a global rollout of an immersive digital and physical retail experience built on engagement and interactive play in the world of iconic LEGO bricks. Greeted by the towering and interactive Tree of Discovery, children and adults of all ages will marvel at the incredible, life-size LEGO models that celebrate the icons of NYC – including a sit-in taxi, an interactive Lady Liberty, and a huge Empire State Building and a One World Trade skyscraper, and the lights and billboards of Broadway and Times Square, to name a few. There are tons of opportunities to explore the latest LEGO sets throughout the two-story space, and the kids will interact with the very first personalization studio. The main attraction in this area is the minifigure factory, where anyone can design their own personal LEGO minifigure and watch it being printed right in front of their eyes! Also new in the store format is the fully AI-immersive Brick Lab experience. Families can step into a fully interactive and digital LEGO world, scan their very own building and watch it travel through space and NYC environments as they take part in challenges and more.

Your opinion

How do you like the new LEGO flagship store in Manhattan? What do you think of the new store design? And what is the highlight in your eyes? Feel free to comment in the comments!


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