Legionellosis is different from Covid-19, but the symptoms are the same

Sites Nadia Tarmizi, Head of the Communications and Public Services Office of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, explained that Legionellosis bacteria are actually different from the Covid-19 virus, only the symptoms are the same.

Legionellosis is a pneumonia-like disease that varies in severity, from mild febrile illness to severe and sometimes fatal forms of pneumonia. The bacterium was first discovered in Argentina, the symptoms caused were cough, runny nose and fever.

He added, the bacteria can attack anyone, but it is undeniable that the elderly are at greater risk.

According to him, bacteria can enter through the nose and cause a sore throat.

Nadia sites when it airs Surabaya Voice Radio, Monday (09/26/2022) revealed that Legionellosis bacteria can live in sea water, fresh water, air conditioning, hot water, swimming pool water with a temperature of 30-45 degrees Celsius. Therefore, he suggested that air-conditioned rooms and buildings undergo routine maintenance so that they do not become a place for bacteria to grow.

“The importance of a clean and healthy lifestyle, people must also consume boiled water and always wear masks,” he said.

In manipulation, as they have Covid-19-like symptoms, people who have a cough, fever, and runny nose will first be tested for Covid-19. If it is declared negative, it will be checked whether it is infected with the Legionellosis bacterium or not.

Siti Nadia confirmed that no Legionellosis bacteria have been found in Indonesia so far. However, as a precautionary measure, it is necessary to increase vigilance against the disease. (dec / ipg)

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