Legendrn Holk defended Jgra: I don’t understand Satoransk, it’s not easy for people here

The best Czech basketball player today, Tom Satoransk, who played in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls, was the guest of the Rann Club on Radio Expres a long time ago. He received a question from one of the moderators, which Czech sports star disappointed him with.

Satoransk didn’t bother at all, naming with a laugh on your face Jaromra Jgra and explained what made him so much.

We all idealized him that he was for us nejvt d, and then the hunter did an advertisement for e-bikes … It’s bad, it’s over for me! said a full basketball player, according to whom Jgrova tv would be a suitable example for advertising for healthy living.

The Satoransk sweat came under fire from critics, especially from the hard-earned Jgrov supporters. A sports legend, the former Czechoslovak hockey representative Ji Holk, who stood up for Jgra when the people criticized him for his trip to it, came up with his words.

I don’t understand at all! If Jarda wants to put on an ad, he just paid for it, it’s his business and no one cares, even if it’s an ad for work or for anything else. Satoransk is a great basketball player, but I absolutely don’t understand why and for what title he got himself into thle criticism, ekl Holk Parlamentnm Listm.

We are always in the Czech Republic! This is simply a classic for this country. We are in a small Czech and a hunter who really and deserved excellence in his field, he never had it here and it is not easy, dodal legendrn Ji Holk.

The legend of Czech hockey Ji Holk spoke about Jaromr Jgr.

At first I did not get such from the fans for a long time, laughs Satoransk

Satoransk went out of his way here on his twitter here.

At first I did not receive such from my supporters for a long time, wrote the spn basketball player, whom fans asked in the comments, if he thought his year about Jgr vn.

The guy who won $ 10 million will answer for himself. But it is possible that it was a kind of inside joke, which most people did not understand.

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