Legendary media player Winamp is back

The once legendary media player Winamp met with users with its renewed design.

The popular playback tool of the generation that downloads the songs they like to their computer instead of listening to them from music streaming platforms. WinampIt has lost its popularity years ago.

Losing its popularity with the development of technology and the increase in online platforms, Winamp wants to dominate the music market again with its renewed design.

Winamp, whose website has been completely renewed and now has a new logo, is now available with its new design.

Legendary media player Winamp is back #1

New Winamp released

The new version of Winamp, the MP3 playback application, which is one of the legendary programs of a period, has been released.

Losing its popularity with the increase of online platforms such as Spotify, Fizy, Tidal, and Apple Music, Winamp re-entered the music market with a renewal.

In the four-year study, no major changes were made as the new platforms. However, some features have been added to Winamp in accordance with the era.

The team has recently been offering a “completely revamped” experience with podcast and radio features. In addition, there is a claim to establish a closer connection with the artists.

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