Legendary master La Soda, former Dodgers manager, star Park Chan-ho, mourns the baseball player who gave love for 27 years

On the 9th, Park Chan-ho mourned the death of director La Soda by posting a photo (above) talking with former director La Soda on his SNS.
Park Chan-ho, `the first Korean major leaguer`, fell in deep sorrow after receiving the obituary of director La Soda, who died on the 7th.
For Park Chan-ho, former Los Angeles (LA) Dodgers director Tommy La Soda has more than a’stepfather’.
Park Chan-ho wrote on his SNS, “I don’t know what words to express this sadness with,” said Park Chan-ho, “The legendary baseball coach Lasoda, who has given me love for 27 years, has gone into a new world.”
“The reason my heart is heavy and my sadness is deepening is because the love and memories he gave me are more precious and grateful,” he said. “I couldn’t even visit the hospital due to the Corona 19 situation. did.
Park Chan-ho said, “I wish the deceased coach La Soda’s honor and express my deep gratitude and respect for his achievements, love of baseball, and his passion for life.” .
Former director Lasoda called Park Chan-ho a’Korean son’, and Park Chan-ho also followed Lasoda as his’American father’.
Because of this special relationship, Park Chan-ho was sorry that he could not visit the former director La Soda due to Corona 19.
The first leader Park Chan-ho met in the major leagues was former coach La Soda, and when Park Chan-ho entered the US Major League in 1994 and made his big league debut in the Dodgers uniform, former coach La Soda helped him adjust at the command tower.
At an online conference held by the US non-profit Korea Society in June last year, Park Chan-ho also revealed his respect for former director La Soda, saying, “My grandfather, coach La Soda, treated me like a friend like my same age.

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