Legendary Kansas City Players

Super Bowl LVII is about to begin and once again we will see the Kansas City Chiefs compete and make great plays at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, and since this team is one of the best in NFL history, we cannot forget to the legends that have been part of it.

We all know that the Kansas City Chiefs is one of the best professional football teams in the United States, but you know who the players and coaches have been who have managed to raise the name of the franchise.

Kansas City Chiefs defeat Bengals and go to Super Bowl LVII

Who are the biggest Kansas City legends?

Without a doubt, first of all we must place Lamar Hunt, who was the founder of the Kansas Citi Chiefs, on our list. Thanks to the family’s wealth and his love of sports, he joined several businessmen to create the American Football League (AFC).

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His first team was the Dallas Texans, however, having the NFC Cowboys as a rival, he made the decision to move the team. In 1963 they went to Kansas City to be the team that is now known worldwide.

His importance in American football was so great that it is for this reason that the trophy given to the winner of the Conference has had his name since 1984.

Len Dawson was the quarterback who led the Kansas City Chiefs to their first Super Bowl title in the 1969-1970 season.

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As a quarterback for Kansas City, he won three old American League championships. For his talent and work he was elected to the Professional Football Hall of Fame as a player and broadcaster.

Andy Reid is the current coach of the Kansas City and is one of the most famous, as he is one of the coaches with the most wins in the NFL.

In 2013 he began to direct the Chiefs, so to date he has 10 seasons, most of which have been successful.

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He was the first African-American middle linebacker in the history of the game. Due to his incredible strength he was nicknamed “Contact” for his incredible strength when tackling players. In 1967 Lanier managed to become a second round recruit for the Kansas City and from there his recognition increased considerably, since he did not stop playing.

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