Legendary F1 designer Gordon Murray announces “T.50s Niki Lauda” bearing the name of Niki Lauda[F1-Gate.com]

Former F1 designer Gordon Murray has announced his name on his birthday, T.50s Niki Lauda, ​​in honor of the late F1 legend and former Brabham driver Niki Lauda. ..

Gordon Murray is a legendary designer who has produced many famous F1 cars such as “Brabham BT46B” known as “Fan Car” and “McLaren MP4 / 4” where Ayrton Senna won the championship. He is also the father of the road car McLaren F1.

The name T.50 was named to mean Gordon Murray’s 50-year career and 50th design. The successor to the iconic McLaren F1 designed by Gordon Murray almost 30 years ago, the T.50 has a three-seater driver’s seat in the center and a three-seater layout with two passengers behind it. doing.

The T.50s Niki Lauda announced this time is a T.50 circuit specification, equipped with a custom-made Cosworth 3.9-liter V12 engine that develops 725bhp, and weighs only 825kg.

According to Gordon Murray Automotive, the T.50s Niki Lauda, ​​which will be available in January 2023 for £ 3.1 million and a limited number of 25 cars, will “provide the ultimate on-track driving experience. It was devised, designed, and designed. “

The baseline version of the T.50 incorporates an innovative 40 cm diameter fan, following Gordon Murray’s aerodynamic creativity. This is the first concept developed by Gordon Murray for the Brabham BT46 fanker that Niki Lauda won at the 1978 F1 Swedish Grand Prix. ..

Not only does the T.50s Niki Lauda take advantage of the fan car concept, it also incorporates a range of outstanding aero elements that provide a total downforce of up to 1500 kg.

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“The T.50s was named after Niki’s famous victory in the BT46B fanker at the 1978 Swedish GP,” said Gordon Murray.

“Niki was a great racing driver and a good friend. It’s definitely a good idea to launch the T.50s Niki Lauda on his birthday.”

“Niki would have appreciated the details of our car innovation and engineering.”

All T50s are named after the Gordon Murray Grand Prix with Brabham or McLaren.

The chassis plate of the first car will be engraved with the words “Kyalami 1974” to commemorate Carlos Reutemann’s victory at the 1974 F1 South African Grand Prix at the Brabham BT44 designed by Gordon Murray.

“Each car has its own story, which is forever linked to the victory of the Grand Prix, named after it,” Gordon Murray explained.

“The T.50s was inspired by my love for motorsport and I thought it was perfectly appropriate to create this special connection with the iconic races of the past.”

Gordon Murray, who wrote the legendary McLaren F1, says that most of the 25 T.50s Niki Lauda are already on sale, but “only a handful” are still available for purchase.

“50% of the topics I get from cars come from designing them, and the other 50% come from meeting people and involving them.”

T.50s Niki LaudaT.50s Niki LaudaT.50s Niki LaudaT.50s Niki LaudaT.50s Niki LaudaT.50s Niki LaudaT.50s Niki Lauda

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