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Legal Victory for Fedez Against Codacons: Prosecutor Requests Campaign Charges to be Dropped

He left the legal citadel of Rome with his hands raised in triumph. For his part, the prosecutor has requested that the campaign in which he is accused should not proceed. blasphemy against Codacons.

The hearing before the mayor of the capital lasted more than three hours Fedez in a new chapter of the legal dispute that has been seen for months against the consumer association consisting of complaints and counter-complaints. The subject of this lawsuit is the accusations made by the rapper against Codacons regarding a false false banner published in 2020 on the Codacons website regarding the coronavirus. “It went very well – said the artist as he left Piazzale Clodio -. This is the eleventh time that a magistrate has asked for exemption: Codacons should put his heart at rest and dedicate himself to more useful things. In the courtroom I defended him by saying that the flag used for the fundraiser was fake”.

For him, the prosecutor Antonino Di Maio asked to be freed from the charges, saying that the thematic element of the crime is missing. The judge adjourned the hearing until June 17 when the sentence will come. Before the charge by the prosecution representative, Fedez had gone through an interrogation as he had requested a few months ago. A debate with the parties lasted more than 90 minutes when the accused rejected the accusations, saying that the flag that appeared on the association’s website was false to him and “as a citizen I felt that it was his duty to report everything to the police”.

Based on the contents of the investigation documents, on 17 April 2020 Fedez went to the Arma Roma Trionfale station to present the complaint against the Association. For the prosecution, the content of that complaint is within the heinous crime. In fact, the indictment says that Chiara Ferragni’s ex “falsely accused” Carlo Rienzi, the president of the Condacons (present in the courtroom today), of attempted fraud and mis- reputation Federico Lucia, the real name of the rapper, “falsely accused Rienzi of publishing a false message on the Codacons website with which he – the indictment says – led people to believe that he encouraged the fundraiser on the website www.codacons.it in March 2020 was intended for the battle against the Coronavirus “, thus making “an indeterminate number of users enter into the aforementioned campaign, to receive donations that were instead used for the exclusive benefit of Codacons”.

In the complaint, Fedez accused Rienzi of defaming him in a press release from March 2020 and in several videos published on YouTube. The alleged crimes by the artist were then deposited, causing the artist to be accused of blasphemy. Piazzale Clodio prosecutors had initially requested that Fedez be dismissed, but this was rejected by the court which ordered Fedez to face mandatory charges.

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