Legacy of Johnny Hallyday: David renounces the succession of his father!

David Hallyday “has renounced the succession of his father” and “we are withdrawing from any legal proceedings,” Pierre-Jean Douvier told AFP, confirming information published in the daily Le Figaro. “David does not receive anything, whether patrimonial or financially and he does not ask for anything. He has not received symbolic objects”, specifies the lawyer.

“Now the page is turned and David looks to the future with the return of serenity,” he continues.

Mid-July, Laeticia Hallyday, widow of the singer, said in Paris Match that the rock star’s heritage was “heritage, little cash and a lot of debt”. Laeticia Hallyday’s lawyer announced on July 3 the conclusion of a “final agreement” between Johnny’s widow and Laura Smet, Johnny’s daughter, who was the first to take legal action to challenge her father’s will drawn up in the States -United.

The agreement, details of which had not been released, ended more than two years of court proceedings.

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