Left-to-Right politicians react to Chega’s words about Joacine

“SIs racism really a ‘paranoia’ in 2020? ” André Silva, PAN spokesman, through social networks, in a publication of reaction to statements by Chega’s leader, André Ventura, on the single deputy Joacine Katar Moreira.

“André Ventura’s statements about Joacine Katar Moreira are abject and must deserve the repudiation of all those who defend a 21st century society empathetic, evolved and open “, added André Silva, recalling that “a political opponent fights with rational arguments and not with personal offenses”.

“Unfortunately, these statements demonstrate that in 2020 Portugal racism is not a ‘paranoia’, at least, on the political level”, finished.

also Adolfo Mosquista Nunes, former secretary of state and former vice president of CDS-PP, expressed his opinion in relation to the case, calling for ancia“between these kinds of statements and” right to freedoms “. “Here is everything, everything, what the right to freedoms is not. Here is everything, everything, what the principle of the dignity of the person does not authorize.ncia, it is advised “, wrote.

Miguel Poiares Mature makes a similar observation, sharing a comment by Francisco Mendes da Silva, member of the national political commission of the CDS, where the party Right is asked to have the “moral courage to establish a sanitary cord that will separate it irremediably” from André Ventura. “Francisco Mendes da Silva is right. This statement by André Ventura is unacceptable, even more when he is a deputy. And do not come to me with the blunders that he says and does Joacine, wrote the former Deputy Minister and Regional Development of the government of Pedro Passos Coelho.

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All refer to the message written by André Ventura in Facebook, where it suggests that Joacine Katar Moreira, who showed up for a Free proposal so that the heritage of the former colonies can be returned to the countries of origin, whether it be “returned to its country of origin”. “It would be much easier for everyone … even for your party! But especially for Portugal”, he wrote.

The words of Chega’s sole deputy gave rise to an reaction by Free, Condemning them as “deplorable and racist words”. In the same statement, the poppy party also criticizes the reference to the name of its only deputy made this Tuesday by the new leader of the CDS, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos.

In the same vein, the Left Block reacted, through Pedro Filipe Soares, which will propose a vote of condemnation to the President of the Assembly of the Republic, and the President of the Department of Socialist Women, Elza Parents, who accuses Ventura of “racism” and “sexism“, violating the fundamental principles of the Constitution.


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