‘Left-handedness’ is determined in the mother’s womb?

August 13th is International (World) Left-Handed Day. How did this day come about? And is left-handedness really determined in the womb of the mother? It tells an interesting story about left-handed people.

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△ Origin of left-handed day

Dean Campbell of the United States founded the International Left-Handed Association in 1932 to publicize the hardships of left-handed people and to correct prejudice. Afterwards, the association established August 13, his birthday, in 1976 as the ‘International Left-Handed Day’, and has been an official commemorative event every year since 1992.

What is the proportion of left-handed people?

Left-handed people make up more than 10% of all adults worldwide. In Korea, it is less than 5%. About 2.5~3% of people eat with their left hand, and about 1% take notes with their left hand. The reason why Korea is below the global average is because of the past trend of banning or reluctance to be left-handed. For that reason, it is only 1% in Arab countries where the use of the left hand is taboo.

What causes left-handedness?

It’s not clear when left-handedness will be decided. Among them, most of the research results show that there is a large genetic influence. That is, if parents are left-handed, their children are more likely to be left-handed. Among them, men are especially genetically influenced, so if the father is left-handed, the son is more likely to be left-handed. Studies have shown that left-handedness is determined within 18 weeks of pregnancy.

△ Who is a famous left-handed person?

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If the left brain, which is responsible for logic or reason, takes the lead, then it is right-handed, and if the right brain, which is in charge of intuition and emotion, takes the lead, it is left-handed. Therefore, there are many geniuses or artists among left-handed people. Renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinciphoto left), the sculptor Michelangelo, and geniuses such as Einstein, Beethoven, and Edison who discovered the theory of relativity are all left-handed. Bill Gates is also left-handed. In 1927, American ‘homerun king’ Babe Ruth and Yang Jun-hyeok and Lee Seung-yeop, who hit 60 home runs in one year,Right side), Ryu Hyun-jin, Choo Shin-su, and Lee Jung-hoo are also left-handed sports stars.

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