Leet | WUT? – Suddenly, Kratos’ giant Leviathan ax slammed into the pavement

With a brilliant marketing campaign, Sony finally kicks off the real generational change.

That’s the end of the PlayStation 5 stock shortage!

– announced Sony solemnly, which could hardly have found a better way than a small urban performance. This is how it happened that Kratos’ iconic Leviathan ax fell right in the middle of the London pavement – to the great surprise of passers-by.

But they really got used to it, since it was the British capital when the PS5 was released changed its underground signs on the characteristic buttons of the controller. This time, however, one of Sony’s best-known figures, the Spartan soldier turned stone-hard god of war, loosened the soil with the Leviathan ax inherited from the wife of Kratos, one of the most murderous of the Olympian gods.

And if you think that this is all just simple CGI, then I have to clarify: the Norse weapon is really waiting for onlookers on the banks of the Thames.

Here’s a close up:


And the Leviathan ax is truly indicative. It says that two years after the release of the next-generation console, Sony’s super-creative marketing machine really kicked in, meaning that from now on there won’t be an electronics store that doesn’t have at least one PS5 on its shelf waiting for its newest happy owner.

At the same time, the profiteers, who in recent years made a fortune just by stealing scarce supplies from players by the dozen, will finally – if not forever – disappear, and then, not infrequently, sell them at double the price to those who were willing to pay. .

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By the way, the action in London is part of the Live from PS5 advertising campaign, so it is probably not the only station in the world where players will be greeted by a similar sight – to which Sony has attached the following video:

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