Leet Time to be a little scared? – A special collaboration may come to Fortnite

Again, Epic Games would come together with a bigger title.

Epic Games and Fortnite have clearly been the biggest king of various collaborations over the past 2-3 years. In an Item Shop we can meet the greatest heroes of the DC and Marvel universes, but we can even kill Master Chief on the island as Kratos. It looks like the giant would still not slow down, with information about another collaboration coming in on Sunday afternoon thanks to Fortnite data miners.

This time, fans of the popular Dead by Daylight game can rejoice!

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer, survival-horror game that can now be found on virtually all major platforms. In addition to the standard PC and PS / Xbox combination, you can play Nintendo Switch or even mobile with Behavior Interactive. Dead by Daylight is also averse to collaborations, including Stranger Things, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and some of the Left 4 Dead characters have already turned around in the game.

This time, both fan camps can do well. There’s a good chance you’ll get a “Meg Thomas” outfit in Fortnite, certainly spiced up with a few extras. And it looks like the Dead by Daylight community will have to make do with a Fortnite lama-patterned Charm. The exact date of the promotion is still unknown, it may be easy to wait a few more weeks. Until the official announcement, of course, it’s worth dealing with on a rumor level, but data miners make mistakes quite rarely these days.

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