Leela Koura source: Tri-Pyramids approach the pioneers

A source inside the Talaia Al-Jaysh club confirmed that the team was close to hiring three players from the Pyramids team.

The source revealed, in statements to “Yalla Koura”, that the three players are Ibrahim Adel, Amr Mari and Ibrahim Hassan.

The source pointed out that an agreement was reached between the army and Pyramids to include the trio on loan for two seasons.

He continued: “Al-Talay` also requested the renewal of the team’s striker, Nasser Mansi, for another season.

He concluded: “The Army Corps will officially announce the deals during the next few hours.”

The army guaranteed its survival in the league after raising its score to 38 points to stay away from the specter of relegation, while Pyramids compete to maintain second place, one point ahead of Zamalek, two rounds from the end.


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