Lee Towers responds to André Hazes’ threat

André recently said to it ANP that he wants to take a shot at Lee’s Ahoy record. According to the singer, the career of ‘Mr. Ahoy ‘en Dré is only too eager to take over this baton. “I would wholeheartedly allow him, but if he wants to call himself Mr. Ahoy, there can only be one …”, according to the ‘You never walk alone’singer at 538.

Leen Huizer, as Lee Towers is originally called, has performed no less than 51 times in the Rotterdam concert hall, which makes it quite a job for André to catch up. The ‘Live’ singer is in fact on ‘only’ eight shows. Still, he plans to build the new ‘Mr. Ahoy ‘. “Ahoy should really become mine. When people say Ahoy, they should immediately say: ‘oh, Hazes is playing there.’ I am now at 8, so I still have a long way to go”, André said.

Lee said he would turn 75 next year and that seemed like a nice reason to go on stage at Ahoy one more time.

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