Lee Jun-seok “President Yoon seems to think, ‘I am excellent, but I suffer because of Lee Jun-seok and the party’”

Lee Jun-seok, former representative of People’s Power, commented on the controversy over President Yoon Seok-yeol’s involvement in party affairs: “The president’s worldview itself is ‘I am a very outstanding person, but I almost lost the election because of Lee Jun-seok, and the party does not support me, so I am suffering from low approval ratings’. will continue to go,” he said.

Lee appeared on JTBC on the 7th and asked, “Why do you think Yoon Shim is intervening in the party convention?” So I have to kill that person,” he said.

Former CEO Lee said, “Individual evaluations of the people running the party convention in the expression of the presidential candidate are beginning to emerge,” and “we decided to call that a party intervention.” He said, “Among the former presidents, those who were cautious were very careful because the mention of the (party) runner itself could become a party intervention. At least, (former) President Park Geun-hye did not say, ‘I will withdraw from the party when Kim Moo-sung becomes’ when Kim Moo-sung and Seo Cheong-won fought (over party power).”

Regarding Candidate Ki-Hyun Kim, former CEO Lee said, “Candidate Ki-Hyun Kim jumped up in the middle and called himself ‘Eodae-Hyun’ (the party’s representative is Ki-Hyun Kim, anyway)” and went around saying, “Even at that time, no matter how quickly a shrimp grows, in the end it is only a fat shrimp, and it is upgraded to a whale. I said it wouldn’t work,” he said.

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