Lee Jae-sung, who defeats’Giant’ Munich, shares rise six months before contract expiration

Lee Jae-sung succeeds in penalty kick in penalty shootout in the German Football Association (DFB) Fokal 32nd round against Bayern Munich. (Holstein Kill Facebook capture) © News1

Lee Jae-seong (29), who has six months left for a contract with Holstein Kiel, is making a big success against Germany’s best club Bayern Munich, and the stock price is soaring.

Holstein Kiel was 6- in a penalty shoot-out after losing 2-2 from the 2020-21 German Football Association (DFB) Focal 32nd round against Bayern Munich at Holstein Stadion in Kiel, Germany on the 14th (Korean time). Won with 5.

Kiel’s victory in the current German Bundesliga 2 (second division) was a surprise. Bayern Munich not only won the German Bundesliga and DFB Fokal last season, but also topped the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League.

There are many stars such as Robert Lewandowski, Manuel Neuer, Joshua Kimmich, and Thomas Muller.

Holstein Kiel, however, defeated Bayern Munich with a sticky organization in the 120 minutes leading up to overtime.

Lee Jae-seong was at the center of the Holstein kill victory. Lee Jae-sung, who took the front line on this day, played a role as a link between the team, traveling around the stadium with his unique sincere play. When defending, the attack was first blocked by Bayern Munich with active pressure.

He couldn’t score after running full time in the 120 minutes, but in the penalty shootout, he was the fourth kicker and scored a goal through Neuer goalkeeper.

After the match, German media Bild said, “Jae-sung Lee and Johannes van Denberg fell into the stadium complaining of muscle pain in the second half of overtime. However, the two got up again and played the game to prevent Bayern Munich’s attack,” said Lee Jae-sung’s fighting spirit.

In addition, he praised Lee Jae-seong for his performance, saying, “Lee Jae-sung became a hero of Hulstein kill with a confident shooting as a penalty shootout kicker.”

As Holstein Kiel defeated Bayern Munich, Lee Jae-seong received more attention. Lee Jae-seong, who transferred to Holstein Kiel in the 2018-19 season, quickly melted into the team, and last season, he became the team’s ace by scoring 10 goals and 8 assists in all competitions.

In this season, Jae-sung Lee is leading the team to the third place in the league, as well as the front-line striker, as well as the central midfielder and the midfielder on both sides.

Holstein Kill cannot laugh at Lee Jae-sung’s performance. Lee Jae-sung’s contract will expire at the end of this season. However, Lee Jae-seong is in a position to reject the offer to renew the contract and take a new challenge. In the summer of last year, Lee Jae-sung pushed for a transfer, but Holstein Kill challenged the promotion while Lee Jae-seong remained.

Eurosports, a sports channel broadcast in 54 countries in Europe, reports, “In addition to the German Bundesliga’s Hoffenheim and Werder Bremen, Hamburg, which is currently leading the Bundesliga 2, is showing interest in recruiting Lee Jae-sung.” I’m sending a love call. In addition, Holstein Kiel also plans to re-sign Lee Jae-sung after promotion this season.

Lee Jae-sung, who has already gained popularity in Germany with his outstanding skills, has made a miracle at DFB Focal, further enhancing his value. If Lee Jae-seong continues to play the same role in the rest of the season, it is expected to be popular in the summer transfer market.

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