Lee In-hye reveals to dentist husband “Oral structure confirmed at first meeting”

Talent and Professor Lee In-hye (41) revealed her husband.

On the 26th, Lee In-hye appeared as a special MC on the SBS television variety “Same Bed, Different Dreams Season 2 – You Are My Destiny”. About her He got her attention by revealing a photo of her husband of hers, a dentist one year her junior. “When we first met, I just talked about my work and I thought: ‘You are very interested in art. When I asked “Why didn’t you see my teeth?”, She said, “You take care of your teeth”. It has already been scanned, “she explained.

Lee In-hye got married last August. “Due to COVID-19, only very close people were invited. Choi Soo-jong gave a congratulatory speech. “He Said:” I once appeared as a couple in a drama, so my elder said, ‘Today this place is cool. Alex, who was hosting the show, said, “I was married to Inhye too,” she laughed.

Lee In-hye made her debut with the MBC Children’s Choir in 1991. She appeared in the dramas “School 3” (2000-2001), “Sweet Girl Chun-hyang” (2005), “Jin-i Hwang” (2006), “Oh My Geum-bi” (2016-2017) and “Elegant Friend ‘(2020). Subsequently, he was adjunct professor at the Korea Broadcasting Arts Promotion Agency (2009-2012) and full-time professor at the Department of Acting Arts at Seoul General Arts and Practical School (2013-2015). After working as a full-time professor (2015-2018) in Kyungsung University’s Department of Digital Media, he currently works as a professor in the Department of Theater and Film at the same university as a major in cinema.

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