“Lee Hyun-joo cheer” Lee Su-ji and Yoon-jo claim’voice’ for April bullying [전문]

Lee Soo-ji, from the group Unity, helped Lee Hyun-joo, who claimed to have been harassed by April.
On the 3rd, Lee Soo-ji posted a post, “I hope I can also be of strength to you,” and Lee Hyun-joo’s photo and account on his Instagram.

Earlier on the 2nd, Yoonjo from Hello Venus also wrote, “If you ask too many questions and do not answer, you will think about it and think about it in case you will misunderstand it.”

“So don’t bother anymore. No one knows the pain other than the person concerned, so stop harassing people with useless interest while pretending to know.”

From February 28 to March 3, the conflict between April Yoon Chae-kyung, Kim Chae-won, Na-eun, Yang Ye-na, Rachel, Lee Jin-sol and former member Lee Hyun-joo continues to progress. Lee Hyun-joo’s younger brother, Mr. A, claimed that his older sister was harassed by April members. The agency DSP Media reported that there was a disagreement between the members through four official positions, but it was due to conflict, not harassment.

The following is the full text of Yunjo.

If you don’t answer because you ask so many people, I’m afraid you’ll misunderstand it.

You worry and worry and answer.

Our Unity Dantalk is still talking today.

It will be a lot harder, but I believe I will get through it.

So don’t bother me anymore. No one knows the pain other than the person concerned, so stop harassing people with useless attention while pretending to know.

iMBC Hoyoung Lee | Instagram capture

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