Lee Eon-ju, “Should we admit the coercion of homosexual sex culture” in controversy over the queer festival

Ahn Cheol-soo, CEO of the People’s Party (right) and Lee Eon-ju, former member of the People’s Power [연합뉴스]

“Who is the main enemy of Korea?”

Since TV debate has been taken for granted as part of the election process, the’main enemy’ question often emerges as a’cheat key’ used when conservative candidates attack progressive candidates. This is because the progressive camp that emphasizes reconciliation and cooperation between the two Koreas is reluctant to answer that “the main enemy is North Korea.”

In recent TV debates, one more of these cheats has increased. The question is, “Do you agree with homosexuality?” During the TV debate in April 2017, during the last presidential election, President Moon Jae-in replied, “I disagree” with the then-liberal Korean Party candidate Hong Joon-pyo’s question, “Do you oppose homosexuality?” As related questions continued, in the end, he even came up with a concrete answer, saying, “I do not intend to legalize homosexuality, but I am against discrimination.”

Homosexuality is also the main enemy, and’cheatkey’ comes to mind

At that time, President Moon’s remarks were after a big storm. The liberal camp continued to criticize the remarks, and some pointed out, “Do you speak hateful against LGBTQ people by saying that you will become a feminist president?”

Even ahead of the 4·7 Seoul mayor’s by-election, the issue of LGBTI people emerged from the TV debate. In a discussion on the unification of candidates between Ahn Chul-soo and former lawmaker Geum Tae-seop, held on the 18th, “Ambassadors from major foreign countries are going around the queer festival, but not a single Korean politician appears. “If a mid-century politician goes to the parade as the mayor of Seoul, will it not make a small but important change?”

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Representative Ahn said, “If you have a queer festival in Gwanghwamun… . There are people who don’t want to. When he replied that the right to reject should be respected, Congressman Geum Jeon criticized Ahn, saying, “I am very disappointed.”

Lee Eon-ju, “Should we recognize the right to enforce homosexual sex culture”

The debate over the queer festival went beyond the TV forum.

The power of the people Lee Eon-ju, who was in the by-election of the Busan Mayor, wrote on Facebook on the 20th that “the human rights of LGBTI people are important, but the freedom to express opposition should also be respected.” He said, “I shouldn’t discriminate against being homosexual,” he said. “But the freedom to oppose homosexuality must be respected.” He added, “I don’t think that LGBTQ people should be respected for the right to harm the breeze and morals of Korean society,” he said. “I have to admit the right to impose homosexual sex culture on citizens by saying that they are holding a meeting.”

Lee added, “In Korea, the crime of performing obscenity is a criminal offense, and if you go around naked, you are punished as a misdemeanor,” he added. “Traditionally, sex culture in Korea is not very open compared to the West.”

However, most of the 4-7 by-election candidates remain silent. In addition, former Minister of Small and Medium Venture Business Park Young-sun, who was in the Democratic Party’s Mayor of Seoul, did not answer the question twice at a press conference on the 14th, asking’Please tell us your stance on the queer parade’. Rep. Sang-ho Woo, who was asked a question with former Minister Park, also avoided a specific answer, saying, “I have not yet been elected to the mayor, so I have not reviewed it in detail.

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Park Young-sun, Woo Sang-ho-Oh Se-hoon and Na Gyeong-won, all silently

The same goes for the opposition candidates. People’s Power Former Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon and former lawmaker Na Gyeong-won, who took part in the Seoul Mayor’s contest, have not responded much after Ahn’s remarks became controversial.

The majority of the ruling and opposition candidates are showing a cautious appearance as there is a high possibility that the election will be held. However, there is a high possibility that related questions will arise during the final TV debate, so it is predicted that each candidate will eventually arrange their positions.

Reporter Heo Jin [email protected]

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