Ledecká lost her serviceman, Machytka headed for Liensberger

Three-time Olympic winner Ester Ledecká will have to find a new serviceman before the upcoming season. Miloš Machytka, who took care of the Czech star’s skis and snowboards since 2019, joined the implementation team of the Austrian slalom skier Katharina Liensbergerová.

Last year’s world slalom champion and silver Olympic medalist from Beijing lost her serviceman Raphael Hudler in the spring. Cooperation with a Czech expert boasted on social networks.

After the season, Ledecká hoped to keep the proven implementation team together. The offer for foreign cooperation was made by downhill coach Tomáš Bank and physiotherapist Michal Lešák, her team also consists of Italian downhill expert Franz Gamper, for snowboarder American Justin Reiter.

Machytka, who in the past celebrated success with slalom skier Šárka Strachová, took care of the service. He also collaborated with Filip Trejbal and Kryštof Kryzl.

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