Leco van Zadelhoff shares Caroline Tensen’s stunning metamorphosis

Leco thinks it is very cool that Caroline dares to expose her face so much. Welcome to the wonderful world of hair and makeup. And how cool that Caroline Tensen wants to share her before and after. This is hair and make-up photographed through the make-up mirror (so no filter), but a nice light! ‘

Many followers are also impressed by Leco’s styling: ‘This is so nice! Provides a glimpse and shows that it works wonders for every woman, a beautiful make-up. But especially if you are already as nice as Caroline of yourself! ‘,’ Beautiful! I want a Leco too! ‘ and ‘Such a beautiful profession. I also do make-up advice in the store. It’s so nice to conjure up a fresh look with a few products’, you can read.

Currently, Leco can be seen every Wednesday in the RTL program Chantals Beauty Camper, where he gives a different candidate a spectacular makeover every week. You can see exactly how he does that and where he gets his inspiration from in the video below.

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