Lech Poznan. Bartosz Ślusarski: I would not give up matches with Benfica and Rangers

– Pedro Tiba lost on Thursday, after which the goal was scored for 1-1. He’s an experienced footballer who gives this team so much, he should have done much better. It is strange that he just lacked this wisdom on the pitch – comments the game of Lech Poznań, former striker of this team, Bartosz Ślusarski. And it is precisely in the lack of wisdom and responsibility on the pitch that he sees the reasons for the failures of “Kolejorz”.

Andrzej Grupa, Interia.pl: Lech Poznań lost points for the third time in a row in the last action of the match, which is probably not normal. Is something wrong with this team?

Bartosz Ślusarski: We have such a typical example that first there was euphoria after being promoted to the group, to the situation in which the club becomes regular in something wrong. There is not much to discuss here, these endings are repeated not only in Ekstraklasa, but also in cups. From this it follows that concentration is lacking, but other factors are also responsible. Lech’s image as a club has changed a lot now.

So why is it that his matches look different from two months ago?

– That’s a good question that probably everyone is asking themselves now. I am still impressed by these young guys how long they kept the level. Moder, Puchacz and Kamiński played the game with seasoned tiba, Ramirez and Ishak, who still shows that he is a class forward. However, there were fluctuations in form. I do not want to say that there was also one hundred percent fatigue, because I am not a physical preparation trainer. Soon someone will tell me how: Poles cannot play on an equal level for a long time, and others can? The point is, the form of the Lechites has declined and something else has come. Pedro Tiba lost on Thursday, after which the goal was scored for 1-1. He’s an experienced footballer who gives this team so much, he should have done much better. It’s strange that he just lacked this pitch wisdom. Crnomarkovic’s behavior … Well, there are some things to think about. The action of the Standard was not dangerous, there is no need to foul then, it is a great irresponsibility. You can refer to Tiba in a similar vein, but I will be defending this boy, even though he made a big mistake at an important moment. We had the advantage of the player, we were leading 1-0 away, there was a good result in the second leg in Glasgow. These are the key moments in the fight for promotion. Responsibility is expected of the players, Lech lacked it on Thursday.

Before the meeting, Lech’s sports director, Tomasz Rząsa, said on TVP Sport that the club was ready to play on three fronts. Do you agree with that opinion?

– Tomek will defend himself with this thesis, because two months ago they fought for this group stage, they had the Polish Cup and Ekstraklasa and they were doing well. It is true that the results in the league were not the best then, but all the strength was thrown into the cups. It’s hard for me to judge the entire staff, I don’t have access to data on injuries and other matters. Let me put it this way: those players who were on the pitch on Thursday should make it. The situation was so clear that they played in an advantage and had a favorable result. It was the wisdom of the team at the moment that decided, not the number of players who could come in and change the game or keep what is. I know where you are going: coach Żuraw made changes and the game crashed. Yes, it was visible, but the key moments came sooner.

Jakub Moder has already spent over 1,800 minutes on the pitch in Lech and the first Polish national team, Tymoteusz Puchacz almost exactly the same amount in “Kolejorz” and the youth club. They have never played so much before and with such intensity, so now they lack the strength. Well, how can Lech be ready to play on three fronts, if in theory Karlo Muhar’s substitute is Modera? We remember how Lech and Muhar looked like …

– Yes, these boys lack a couple and they have to be excused, because this is their first season. They were chasing the frames while the rest rested. Someone will accuse me that it is the same in other European clubs. Maybe it is, but before the league matches the coaches can give their stars free, sometimes take them on a trip and let them in only for the last half hour. So we come back to the subject of the wide frame, something in it is that it is a bit lacking. Do you remember the situation when Muhar was playing, Moder was sitting on the bench, but in the end the coach gave him a chance? Does that mean Muhar cannot enter the league for him now? Yes, the quality of the team is a bit narrow, but with the best players there comes a moment that one or two quiet weeks would be useful.

Considering the illusory chances of advancing to the knockout stage and the bad situation in Ekstraklasa, should coach Żuraw not give up matches with Benfica and Rangers? Not only to let go in a sports sense, because Lech has to fight, but also to put in a few substitutes?

– The fans will be furious then. They are already there, I read twitter, I can see what is going on. I would not let go.

I’m not thinking of letting go, but of making a few changes. Alan Czerwiński was left on the bench in Liege, maybe three or four basic players should sit in Lisbon next Thursday?

– I am curious what Darek will do, because you really have to chase hard in the league. After all, I would still fight on two fronts. I know that the loss in Ekstraklasa is big, and some fans have already surrendered the Polish championship. How many people you ask, there will be so many opinions on this matter. Since the sports director says that we have a wide team, let’s fight. Lech was already able to play with Benfica as equals, and in Scotland he was also doing well most of the time. These bands are not beyond his reach. You have to wait a long time for such meetings. It’s worth trying to fight to the end, and if someone is very tired, start on the bench and come in during the game to help. The substitutes can then prove something.

Where should Lech look for reinforcements in winter?

– No in the front, because Kaczarawa is a good footballer, he is a valuable substitute. Awwada is hard for me to judge. We have a sufficient number of players inside, although it is known that Moder may leave in winter and this needs to be remedied. Muhar’s return to the squad may not appeal to the fans, and it is not known whether he will be good for the team. In the three: Tiba, Moder, Ramirez, everyone has a tendency to play offensive and direct the game. They want to do something on the offensive, but the typical defensive midfielder is missing and this is where the team needs to be completed. However, I would direct all my forces to strengthen the defensive. Lech has solid side defenders, but problems in the middle. And I subscribe to what many fans say about the goalkeeper. I do not want to say that Bednarek is a bad goalkeeper, that we are waiting for van der Hart, because we know how long he played, but here we could just use a Cossack. My colleagues with whom I am talking do not have a grudge against the goalkeeper, but they emphasize that it is rare for a goalkeeper in Lech to defend a match. He did something like Bednarek in Charleroi. Much more is needed of such meetings.

In your career in Lech you also had unpleasant cup matches, such as with AIK Solna or Żalgiris Vilnius. Can another defeat of this type in the last action have an impact on Lech’s performance on Monday in Gdańsk in the match against Lechia?

– Lech often happened that after a good cup match he would come either with a weak match in the league or relaxation. I hope it will be the opposite now. The first thing I said, after that goal for Standard at 2-1, was: “damn, what’s gonna be shit now.” People are fed up with this irresponsibility. It’s about thinking, not lack of skill, because the third game can’t end the same. You have to make responsible decisions. Perhaps Lech will play safely in Gdańsk, but I still hope for a good match.

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