Lecce is not anyone’s second choice. The Liverani post message for those who will arrive

The farewell of Fabio Liverani has reinforced the certainties of Lecce and of a club that in this affair has shown that it has the character of a big player, not even if it were Juventus or Real Madrid.

Yet that of Via Colonnello Costadura is a management that has recently been established, which has no intention of letting anyone put its feet on the head, on the field and even less when it comes to corporate events. Confirming a coach who was on everyone’s lips in Serie A was not obvious and is not for everyone, yet Lecce had succeeded, but the epilogue demonstrates the difference in values ​​between the parties involved.

What the Roman coach has done in recent years is not forgotten: two promotions from C to A are written in the history of the club and the way in which he obtained them has made them even more beautiful and unforgettable. The numbers prove it: 114 games with the Giallorossi, an experience that began in C a Catanzaro and ended in A at Via del Mare just against the Parma; in between there were 51 wins, 26 draws and 37 defeats; for 179 points conquered and 178 goals scored and 170 goals conceded, of which only 84 in the top flight championship that has just ended. A fact that has made more than someone turn up their noses for the hyper offensive attitude of the Giallorossi during the last season.

All aspects that have been evaluated by the new Sporting Director Pantaleo Corvino who chose to reconfirm him in his place, this was his first decision in his second experience at the helm of Lecce. The executive could not know what was happening out of his sight.

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The pharaonic one, for Serie B, the contract proposal remained in a drawer of the Liverani house for a long, too long time, for the tastes of the President Saverio Sticchi Damiani who started to have some doubts about the behavior of his employee. What was a suspicion last August 19, now seems to be a certainty and that sentence in the statement: “US Lecce reserves any appropriate assessment in terms of possible liability profiles”, that a few days ago might have seemed exaggerated is now appropriate to what really happened.

Liverani’s move to Parma is a certainty and due to the way it has materialized not even a child could believe that it is something that has only developed in the last few days. Now what seems out of context are the following words of Liverani which is said in a press release bewildered by his exemption. If, however, he is bewildered, the fans are amazed by the lack of affection and gratitude towards a club that chose to bet on its qualities when Liverani was off the radar of football that matters, where he returned thanks to Lecce and his qualities which however would have remained unexpressed if the Salento club had not chosen to bet on him.

Probably it would have been better to leave after the relegation, say goodbye with a smile and keep the memory of an experience that gave great emotions, instead the former Giallorossi coach chose the worst way to leave Salento, to keep Lecce as plan B.

The management, however, comes out much stronger from this story. President Damiani sticchi and the entire management team has shown and made it clear to the world of football that Lecce will never be a second choice for anyone. A clear, strong and important message especially in this moment of negotiations, a warning for all those who have just arrived like Coda e Corini and for all those who will arrive in the coming weeks. The motto launched last year: “if you support Lecce, you just support Lecce “ it is also good for players and coaches who now know very well that if they arrive at the Giallorossi they must be aware that if Lecce is not the first choice, it is not the right choice.

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