Lebanon Weather Update: Hot and Dry Khamaseen Winds Bring Risks of Fires

The estimates department of the Meteorological Authority in Lebanon expected in the evening weather bulletin that hot and dry air masses originating from Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula would dominate Lebanon and the eastern basin of the Mediterranean, leading to hot and dry weather (temperatures touching 37 degrees on the coast and inland) accompanied by active, laden Khamaseen winds With dust, which makes the atmosphere cloudy and gradually recedes, starting on Saturday morning.

She pointed out that the average temperature for the month of June ranged between 22 and 30 degrees Celsius in Beirut. And it warned of the outbreak of fires as a result of the hot and dry Khamaseen winds on Friday.

The expected weather in Lebanon:

Friday: Partly cloudy to cloudy with medium and high clouds, with an additional and noticeable rise in temperatures, as it exceeds seasonal averages, touching the 37 coasts and indoors, and the fiftieth winds laden with dust are active, touching the 60 km / h, which makes the atmosphere cloudy, and vision deteriorates with it sometimes, as we warn. The danger of fires in forested places.

Saturday: Partly cloudy with active winds and a tangible and rapid decrease in temperatures, as they return to their seasonal rates accompanied by an increase in humidity, so fog forms on the heights and vision sometimes worsens, and the weather becomes ready, starting in the afternoon, for light and sporadic rain. And the possibility that it will be heavy at times in the northeast of the country, accompanied by lightning and thunder, with the possibility of hail pellets falling.

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Sunday: Slightly cloudy to partly cloudy, with an additional significant decrease in temperatures, so they become below their rates for this month, as fog forms on the heights in the morning and evening periods.

2023-06-01 20:07:08
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