Lebanon plays role in escaping Ghosn

Lebanon has rejected involvement in the flight of former Renault and Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn. The country did not play an official role in Ghosn’s departure from Japan, Acting Defense Minister Elias Bu Saab told MTV yesterday. Ghosn had surprisingly arrived in the Lebanese capital Beirut on Monday.

In Japan, the 65-year-old is charged with infidelity and financial misconduct. The once celebrated car manager was released from custody last spring for a bail in the millions and was closely monitored during his house arrest. Among other things, Ghosn has Lebanese citizenship.

According to a report by the Japanese broadcaster NHK, Ghosn was apparently able to escape thanks to a second French passport. Japanese authorities have allowed Ghosn to carry an extra passport in a locked case while he was under house arrest.

As Reuters had heard from people familiar with the case, Ghosn was smuggled into Lebanon by a private security firm from Tokyo via Turkey. Seven suspected helpers of the manager were arrested in Turkey yesterday. Lebanon has now received an arrest warrant for Ghosn through the Interpol International Police Department.

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