Lebanon: Arrests Made in Sabra for Torturing, Raping, and Photographing a Minor

Lebanon: Arrests Made in Sabra for Torturing, Raping, and Photographing a Minor

Lebanon: Suspects arrested for torturing, raping, and photographing a minor in Sabra

The Lebanese security services arrested suspects of torturing and raping a minor girl in the Sabra neighborhood, which is located on the border of both the Beirut and Mount Lebanon governorates, north of the capital, Beirut, and documented the assault on video.

A minor girl of Syrian nationality, aged 14 years, was raped by a man who lured her with the help of a woman to an abandoned apartment in the Saeed Ghawash community in Sabra. The latter tortured and beat her before he raped her, while a third person filmed the assault.

The “Winniy al-Dawla” page on Facebook, which publishes and highlights security news in Lebanon, published a camouflaged video of the crime.

The page said that hours after publishing the video, an army intelligence force moved in and raided the home of the person named H. K. (Palestinian), and arrested him on charges of raping a minor. They also arrested M. a. g. (Syria), on the grounds of luring, abusing, raping, and photographing the minor.

A Palestinian source indicated, speaking to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, that “the security committee in the Palestinian camps handed over the photographer of the rape crime, called J. A. H., a Palestinian from the Shatila Palestinian refugee camp in southern Beirut, to the Lebanese security services, while there Information is circulating that the goal of filming the video was to blackmail the girl.”

The source explained, “The girl who was attacked is of Syrian nationality and suffers from psychological disorders, and there is a state of anger in the Saeed Ghawash community over what happened.”

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A Lebanese security source told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, “Investigations are continuing into the suspects of the crime of rape of a minor, and we will follow this file until the end to hold the perpetrators of this horrific crime accountable.” This crime caused a widespread uproar on the Lebanese scene and on social media sites, which were filled with pictures of the suspects, amid widespread demands for the most severe punishments to be imposed on them.

Violations of children’s rights have been escalating in Lebanon in recent times, especially sexual violence, and the most prominent thing that has been revealed is the sexual assault against a minor child of Syrian nationality in the town of Al-Azima Field, one of the villages of the Dinniyeh district in the North Governorate, at the beginning of this September. The security forces arrested the assailant, who is of Lebanese nationality.

Among the most prominent issues that preoccupied public opinion during this period were the death of the child Lynn Talib after she was subjected to repeated sexual assault, and the death of the child Naya Hanna after she was hit by stray bullets, in addition to the issue of human trafficking and minors and the sexual harassment operations behind which the “Love and Peace Village” Association stood, and the practice of Violence against children at Gardereve Nursery, in Matn, Lebanon.

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