Lebak health office urges residents to prevent dengue through PSN

Lebak (ANTARA) –

The Lebak Regency Health Office, Banten Province, urges people in this area to prevent the spread of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) through mosquito nest eradication (PSN) activities.

The head of the Lebak Regency Health Office (Dinkes) Division for Communicable Disease Prevention and Environmental Health, Dr. Firman Rahmatullah in Lebak on Saturday said PSN’s activities by carrying out closure, storage and drainage (3M) movements have so far been considered most effective in breaking the dengue transmission chain.

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The community must carry out PSN activities in each settlement or village so as not to breed the dengue virus-carrying mosquito population.

The cases of DHF in this area are quite evident due to the arrival of the rainy season and require optimal prevention through the involvement of various components of the community.

Currently, he said, dengue cases in Lebak regency as of mid-September 2022 have reached 560 people and four of them have died.

“We believe Lebak will enter the five-year cycle of dengue fever this year and in 2017 there will be a five-year cycle of up to 700 cases,” he said.

According to him, PSN activities can kill dengue mosquito larvae, making disrupting the dengue transmission chain more effective than spraying just to kill adult mosquitoes.

“The community must play an active role in mutual cooperation in the implementation of PSN and 3M to be free from dengue transmission,” he explained.

Most patients with DHF live in densely populated settlements and, as evidenced by the 560 cases, including the Rangkasbitung district, 260 cases and four have died. Cibadak district has 180 cases, Kalanganyar 40 cases and Cipanas 29 cases.

“We maximize prevention service and socialization by engaging puskesmas agents to prevent dengue fever,” he said.

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