Leave mystical, Ki Joko Bodo is now sick


Do you still remember the psychic Ki Joko Bodo? The name of this man is always closely associated with mystical things.

Owned house Ki Joko Bodo also lots of mystical items. But, it turns out that he has left mystical things, you know, Mother.

In 2014, Ki Joko Bodo, whose real name is Agus Yulianto, admitted that he had repented after returning to Umrah. He changed his appearance.

Ki Joko Bodo’s long hair was now trimmed short. Ki Joko Bodo also threw away all of his mystical objects.

Well, now Ki Joko Bodo is reportedly sick, Mother. Ki Joko Bodo’s leg was so swollen that it was difficult to walk.

Ki Joko Bodo admitted that he had felt a supernatural being attached to him. He described the creature as a woman with a crown from the southern coast of Java.

What was the disease like and how did Ki Joko Bodo’s efforts to recover from this strange disease?


Also consider the following tips to prevent back injuries from lying down too much, Mother.

[Gambas:Video Haibunda]

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