Learn the causes of mouth pimples … Here’s the solution

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Wednesday 07 October 2020

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Good Health magazine reported that mouth blisters are extremely bothersome. As it causes the feeling of pain in the mouth, as well as spoils the aesthetic appearance of the mouth.

The journal on health explained that the pimples appear either in the soles of the cheeks, on the lips or on the tongue, noting that they are due to several reasons such as psychological tension, weak immunity, eating certain foods and small wounds, which occur during teeth cleaning, for example.

Mouth blisters can be countered with some home remedies, for example with a lotion consisting of tea tree oil and water. This lotion has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Mouth blisters can also be countered by a mixture of turmeric and honey. This mixture has an anti-bacterial effect. For this purpose, the mixture is applied to the pimples and left for about a quarter of an hour until it takes effect.

Another useful home recipe is a recipe for coriander leaves and seeds; Where it is boiled and gargle with soaking for about 3 minutes.

Mouth blisters usually go away on their own within about a week. And if it lasts for longer than that, then you should consult a doctor.


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