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You feel that your money is losing value, that you no longer have enough for your weekly consumption or you have doubts investments? Therefore Youtube It can become the best tool to learn about personal finances, without many complications.

Actually inside Youtube the contents of financial education triumph, since with the digital transformation millions of people log in to for the first time financial services or banking they have their own rules.

According to information from INEGI, 56% of Mexican families have done so credit debts, loans And mortgagesso know Personal finance becomes fundamental in the management of heritage.

Escobedo points out that in the channels of this video platformmajor trends and themes increase son digital services; information relating to digital transactions from a mobile device; plans of Rescue for retirement; and explanations on the global and local economy, with particular attention to the themes of inflationrecession and growth.

He adds that to better understand the world of finance there are three profiles with thousands of subscribers on their channels Youtube to be informed every day.

financial coldness

Daniel Urías is the creator of this profile which conveys errors, beliefs and truths about debtss financial crises and yours savings. Its most visited content explores savings habits, applications to keep yours finance in order from your mobile, how to generate a retirement savings and most importantly, how to budget for various purposes.

In this YouTube channelexplains in a fun and very simple way the keys to saving and the value of our money.

Edoardo Rose

For Eduardo, a graduate in Finance and Banking, this channel has become everything you should have learned in school. His advice on personal finances also includes options for investment, platforms to make them, retirement planninggeneration of income sources and reviews of Credit cards which will remove any doubts from you before acquiring them.

His followers can access the challenges the driver shares with his audience. For example: 30 days to get my finances in order, how to avoid pay of interestshow to pay mine debts and many others.

Little capitalist pig

Sofía Macías, author of the book of the same name, shows us a complete overview of the country’s finances. For Sofia, the most important thing is to take care instead of worrying. Videos of her help her followers understand the recessionthe inflationthe fluctuations of the currencythe gold And until investments in the metaverse.

Enter their channels, you will learn something about finances or, at least, you will have fun.

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