“Learn how to utilize ChatGPT in summarizing YouTube videos on a website.”

You know when you come across that video you really want to watch, but you see the duration of it and give up? Looks like your problems are over, see?

That’s because a site called Summarize promises to use ChatGPT to summarize YouTube videos. To do so, just copy the video link, play it on the site and chatbot will do the rest for you.

The novelty is a creation of Pete Hunt, former employee of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. That is, the boy already has a good baggage in his professional life and promises to improve the way of watching videos.

A interface do Summarize It’s very simple, no fuss, straight to the point so you can make use of the tool.

Image: Summarize/Playback

How was the Summarize site created?

To add some cool functionality and bring something out there for the public to use so that ChatGPT could help, Hunt used the ChatGPT integration API and made minor modifications. Instead of it taking the text as input, the chatbot has his capacity used to describe what he “sees” on screen.

If you want to know more details about how Summarize works, on the website you will find some explanations, such as information about how it works and links to example videos. In addition, there is a part where it shows the last ten contents summarized by users of the platform.

All in a transparent and simple way, so that the user can play their video links and make good use of the site. Just remembering that Summarize only works with long videos. That is, if you have a Shorts video to be summarized, it does not recognize the format.

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Now, if you have a video longer than an hour, Summarize divides the contents by times. All this to bring a good summary succinctly and that is within the ability of the user to understand. You can know the Summarize platform clicking here.

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