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OR summer is marked by heavy rain which they often cause floods and floods In this context, several diseases transmitted by contact with polluted waters appear, like leptospirosis, caused by contact with rat urine.

The proliferation of cases of dengue, zica and chikungunya, diseases transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, is also a growing concern at this time of year.

Specialists of the Alemão Oswaldo Cruz Hospital guide on how to proceed in case of contact with contaminated water and during the manifestation of symptoms related to the main pathologies caused by them. To watch:


  • As rivers and streams flood and overflow, rat urine (which causes eptospirosis) in sewers and drains mixes with runoff water and mud.
  • The main symptoms of leptospirosis are muscle pains – especially in the calves -, fever, ruby ​​jaundice (yellowish discoloration of the skin and eyes, which can sometimes turn reddish) and headache. At any sign of symptoms it is important to see a doctor so that treatment is started as soon as possible;
  • The incubation period of leptospirosis can be up to 30 days, but symptoms usually appear between seven and 14 days after exposure to the risk. Diagnosis is made through a blood test, and treatment is the use of antibiotics and clinical supportive measures (often requiring hospitalization);
  • For cleaning houses flooded with contaminated water, the ideal is to use gloves, rubber boots or another type of protection, such as double plastic bags, for legs and arms. The mud that remains in rooms, tools, furniture and other objects must be removed with a brush or broom, soap and clean water;
  • To clean the rooms and surfaces, products based on sodium hypochlorite (such as bleach) should be used. What cannot be recovered must be discarded;
  • Food that has come into contact with floodwaters should be discarded, because even if washed and dried, it can still be contaminated.
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Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya:

  • The primary way to prevent dengue, zica, and chikungunya is to eliminate spots that can accumulate standing water and cause puddles to appear. In this way it is possible to avoid the proliferation of Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes., transmitter of these three diseases.
  • The main symptoms of these diseases are high fever, skin spots, headache and muscle pain, especially in the joints. With any sign of symptoms, it’s important to see a doctor or the emergency room, as these are potentially serious illnesses;
  • Containers used as water fountains for pets also need attention, as they can become breeding grounds for the mosquito that transmits dengue, zica and chikungunya.

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