Learn about the situation that made Japan set a permanent tradition for every Japanese crown prince who must visit Saudi Arabia on his first foreign visit

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The official account of “King Abdulaziz House” via “Twitter” revealed the story of a historical position of King Fahd, “Prince Fahd at the time”, dating back 71 years ago, which resulted in every Japanese crown prince visiting Saudi Arabia in the first his foreign official visits.

The King Abdulaziz House published a historical photo, commenting: “When King Fahd bin Abdulaziz, “Prince Fahd at the time,” participated in the coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II in London in 1953 on behalf of King Abdulaziz, he noticed that the Crown Prince of Japan (Aki Hitto) came after him in The seating arrangement is in accordance with the protocol of the English royal palace, so it was allowed to be presented to precede it in the seating arrangement based on Hitto’s status as crown prince.

And she added: “This historical position was preserved by the Japanese Empire, and accelerated inter-relationships, and decided in appreciation of that that Saudi Arabia be the first country visited by the Japanese Crown Prince, and that this becomes a permanent tradition for all Crown Princes in Japan.”

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