Learn about the proposals of Ray Maguire, one of the candidates to assume the mayor of New York | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

hope: tonight inbattle for mayor yiselTejeda converses with ray mcgwire,who left his position in wallstreet 15 years to aspire tocharge to the important in theNew York City.obtained a mastery inbusiness administration ofthe business school ofharvardy a doctorate inlaw school lawlet.reporter: you are a veteranfinancial executive butrelatively new to thepolitical, why now?[habla en ingés]I am running because this citythis beginning.reporter: what are thepolicies that you would likeimplement?the great politics will be theeconomy then face thepolice problemsnew York.we must improve security,reallocate funds and work onregain respect for thecommunity.my goal is to reform the policeand also have a lieutenant andmayor who is in charge was goingafter day.[habla en ingés]I’m not in favor oftake funds from the police,I am in favor of reforming andallocate funds, takeresponsibility for what happenswithin.also in power to the board ofreview of civil complaints.[habla en ingés]the latin populationconstitutes 30% of the cityand the problems facing thecommunity are the same asother communities face,pandemic has affectedenormously to Latinos andAfrican Americans.[habla en ingés]I have ecades in the world ofbusiness, had toswing countlessbudgets, I know how to do it,I am the only one with thatexperience we can reduce orapply taxes for whatwe can grow soreason is to create 500 e postI work small businesses for

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