League lead: HSV wins outnumbered in Fürth

Despite being outnumbered, HSV prevailed at Greuther Fürth. Photo: Daniel Karmann / dpa (Image: dpa)
(Photo: Daniel Karmann / dpa)

Fürth – Despite being outnumbered by more than 30 minutes, Hamburger SV won an away win at SpVgg Greuther Fürth and took the lead in the 2nd Bundesliga.

The Hanseatic League won 1-0 (1-0) on Saturday, celebrating their third victory in their third league game and displacing Holstein Kiel from the top at least until Sunday.

Khaled Narey scored the decisive goal in the third minute of stoppage time in the first half of the debut of new goalkeeper signing Sven Ulreich. Shortly after the break, Hamburg’s substitute captain Toni Leistner had to leave the field with red.

In front of 3325 spectators, HSV took the lead after one half with Fürth advantages: Narey completed an attack via Sonny Kittel and Simon Terodde, who extended the ball past goalkeeper Sascha Burchert. Previously, the home side had given coach Daniel Thioune’s team difficulties with tough duels. In the 6th minute, Fürth’s Paul Seguin hit the crossbar with a long shot.

After changing sides, HSV complicated its situation with the red card against Leistner. After his grandstand incident in the DFB Cup in Dresden and a suspension, he was accused for the first time in the league season and is now facing the next mandatory break. He had fouled Havard Nielsen; the referee interpreted this as an emergency brake.

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