Leader of Democratic Party of Korea, Lee Jae-myeong, Faces Arrest: Examining the Warrant and Prosecution Battle

Leader of Democratic Party of Korea, Lee Jae-myeong, Faces Arrest: Examining the Warrant and Prosecution Battle

Photo: Yonhap News The court’s review of the warrant to decide whether to arrest Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, is one day away.

For Representative Lee, it is expected that his political fortune will be at stake, and the prosecution will also face an inevitable battle to secure the legitimacy of the previous investigation.

According to the legal community, the prosecution plans to submit an opinion paper of more than 1,600 pages to explain the charges against Representative Lee and emphasize the need for his arrest.

Representative Lee’s defense team is expected to appeal the unfairness of the arrest investigation and refute the charges.

Some predict that this arrest warrant review will exceed 10 hours and 5 minutes, the longest in history for former National Security Office Director Suh Hoon.

In addition to the criminal charges, it is expected that concerns about destruction of evidence will be emphasized.

It is expected that they will highlight the fact that Representative Lee’s charges include instigation of perjury and disrupt judicial order.

On the other hand, Representative Lee’s side plans to counter the charge of perjury, saying, “I just asked you to recall your memory and tell the truth.”

There is a high possibility that the prosecution will launch a counterattack, claiming that the investigation is illegal, by carrying out more than 300 search and seizures over two years, pressuring and cajoling the statements of those involved, and publicly announcing the facts of the suspects on a large scale.

The fact that he is the current leader of the main opposition party and that he has faithfully responded to the investigation and trial in which his attendance was previously requested and that there is no risk of flight will also be used as an argument for dismissing the arrest warrant.

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